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Drawing Challenge Day 27   Leave a comment

Good Evening,

I decided to stay with family for a little while during the holiday period, which has extended, not exactly the best idea to coincide with the drawing challenges but I did choose to do this at a very busy time of year. The present’s I got were my usual bits, arty stuff, paper/books, a new camera case and a couple of movies. Pretty good I must admit. Today i almost considered going into paint just to add something to my image… decided against it.

This picture needs a bit of an explanation. My friend (those on Facebook will know who) requested I draw her a furry, well this is as far as I could take it. It’s a bunny (playboy bunny? Don’t judge me lol) if nothing else, and I must admit it disturbed me lol. So for You. Merry Christmas and be careful what you wish for?

Love & Light



EDIT: After re-looking at this post I have decided to remove the image because I didn’t like it.


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The Kreativ Blogger Award   1 comment

Yesterday something really wonderful happened. If you hadn’t already viewed the title above I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by Scriptor Obscura – Her blog is . It entails that i nominate 6 (or more) Blogs and tell everyone 10 things about myself.. although doing a little research the numbers change on a regular occassion but i really dont mind, i just think it’s lovely to be thought of in such a nice way.

We will start with my Nominations in no particular order.

Amazing artist and Illustrator, daily updates and where i got my idea for my drawing challenge from.

Funny and Insightful with a touch of the 12 year old boy inside us all, dinosaurs and rocket ships included and awesome beard removal videos.

An inspiration to me, Someone i have been reading along to for a very long time and i keep going back to.

Insightful and thoughtful dialogue, only a few posts written but a compelling read. &

Written by the same author, who just happens to be my mum. (Shameless plug) I love reading her thoughts and understandings on the world and knowing that she has been blogging for years makes me feel compelled to keep mine going as long as i am capable. She also works under her own name, like i am doing in this blog. Which i find inspirational as well.

Things you might like to know about me…

1. Grew up in the South Australian desert, the earth was a gorgeous red that is now embedded in my mind as a very comforting colour.

2. I never do things by halves, which is both a blessing and a curse. If i’m in, i’m in.

3. Currently I’m training myself out of being a perfectionist.

4. I like food, I bake and create and use the kitchen as a time to de-stress and put energy into something delicious.

5. I have a tendency to take care of people around me, even if they don’t want me to.

6. I’ve been overseas once, to Thailand. It was a very educational experience and the scenery was amazing.

7. I’ve had one cat, her name was Emma Snowflake because she was pure white. I would sit in the lounge room with a long stalked plastic flower and wave it in big circles in the air, she would do acrobatic jumps, twisting and contorting her body as she flew through the air to catch it. She was a beautiful animal.

8. My favourite meal is roast lamb with vegetables, gravy and mint jelly. Dessert would be something chocolate with a cup of tea.

9. I can never pick my favourite colour as it switches between red and purple regularly. Red is my power colour, purple is me… if that makes any sense.

10. I have a lot of love to give and like to put it into everything I do.

So there you have it guys, questions welcomed. Sleep well.

Love & Light


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Drawing Challenge Day 19   Leave a comment

Evening All,

Today’s image is a bit more of a photo manipulation rather than my usual drawings, a request by my friend who is visiting. You know that feeling where you feel so frustrated or annoyed that you could spit/throw fireballs, well, this is what my image represents.

Flame On

Love & Light


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Drawing Challenge Day 15   Leave a comment


Today my mum made a request, she asked for an image of a “Living flower”. The visual I got for this was a dancer, someone twirling on their toes like a flower on the wind.

I’ve wanted to try to do an image in the stars, something night time- ish and with the blues, so here is a little attempt on that.

Like usual, let me know which one you like better, I am favouring the blue currently.

Living Flower

Living Flower Blue

Love & Light


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Drawing Challenge Day 7 – Request   Leave a comment

Good Morning,

As per Madam Rabbit Town’s request, the girl and umbrella in full white. Still not sure if I like it better then the black…

Umbrella Full White

Love & Light


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