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I went to a small seminar recently, actually run by one of my current employers in regards to having an online presence that is aligned with your (or a businesses) view of what they want to represent to the world. I have had a few days sick due to a sinus infection that makes my face ache like my teeth would like to protrude from my lower lip and my brow would like to go Neanderthal on my butt. Basically, aching pain. Something I am glad to say I’m not that familiar with but it has incapacitated me somewhat.

So instead of sitting in a heap and having a big misery about it I decided to use my time wisely. Sleep, a lot. Kind of needed it, but other than that I read books that I have been meaning to, thought about what I wanted out of life. Revisited my bucket list, looked at how I express myself and what I want to say. Revisited my website and realised I had outgrown it and decided it needed a redesign.

Previous Design

New Design


That consisted of my staring at the screen until my eyes would focus and just taking what it was – in. Really seeing it. And then deciding it wasn’t me at all, and how … quaint? it was. How sweet, how simplistic but cluttered. I have changed, grown quite a bit. Identified parts of myself that I would like to develop further and areas I would like grow and redefine. But through self-analysis I can identify where I need to improve.

So with this lovingly long explination, please go and visit my new and improved, very recently updated website. If you have suggestions please throw them my way and If you find any areas that need improvemenet I will be happy for the help.

I may now crawl under my blankets and nap for a short time, I will be over this ailment shortly and be back to my sprightly step but until then. Sleep.


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Nothing fancy today. Keeping this short, it has been a bad day.


Love & Light


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Evening all,

It has been a very productive day. Most of my room is packed, although not the things I use day to day and my beloved car has come back to life.

DragonflyDragonfly Original Sketch

There are 2 days left in my drawing challenge and I really feel like I need to keep going afterwards… don’t feel like I’ve pushed myself enough or something? Hmm, may think on it. Suggestions welcome.

Love & Light


– Perseverance – Creativity – Boldness –

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It has been a weird day, been feeling a little off. It’s been very hot. I’ve started packing. I have enrolled in subjects for Univeristy which all look very interesting, although some say they need prerequisites I don’t have which is interesting in itself. The images over the xmas period are going to be almost impossible, atleast computer wise, so im figuring that as long as I do a drawing and take a photo and upload it with my nifty phone it should be fine. I’m heading to family tomorrow and the computer doesn’t have any decent programs to work with so everything will be raw.  And I think it’s time to sleep. I feel fuzzy.


 Fuzzball Original Sketch


Where is my mind??

Love & Light


– Efficiency – Sensitivity – Appropriateness –

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Good Evening,

It has been a long day today. Sent my friend off home, had an appointment and had dinner with friends, doesn’t sound like a lot but time has been a little warped. I really need to sleep, I am very zonked. I accept that today’s drawing is minor and that’s all it’s going to be. Will have to think up a method of dealing with my drawings over the xmas holidays, might have to stick with sketches without editing.



Love & Light


 – Joy – Freedom – Acceptance –

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Last night of my friend visting, she goes tomorrow which i am sad about – but it has been so nice to see her.

It’s weird how things change over time but seemingly some things stay the same. Tonight’s drawing is a sketch of a Doni, which is a symbol to represents the “Earth Mother” in the Earth’s Children series written by Jean Auel, interesting read if you’re into life before civilisation, clans and cave men style.


Love & Light


– Discipline – Surrender – Love –

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Evening All,

Today’s image is a bit more of a photo manipulation rather than my usual drawings, a request by my friend who is visiting. You know that feeling where you feel so frustrated or annoyed that you could spit/throw fireballs, well, this is what my image represents.

Flame On

Love & Light


– Leadership – Satisfaction – Discipline –

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