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It has been a weird day, been feeling a little off. It’s been very hot. I’ve started packing. I have enrolled in subjects for Univeristy which all look very interesting, although some say they need prerequisites I don’t have which is interesting in itself. The images over the xmas period are going to be almost impossible, atleast computer wise, so im figuring that as long as I do a drawing and take a photo and upload it with my nifty phone it should be fine. I’m heading to family tomorrow and the computer doesn’t have any decent programs to work with so everything will be raw.  And I think it’s time to sleep. I feel fuzzy.


 Fuzzball Original Sketch


Where is my mind??

Love & Light


– Efficiency – Sensitivity – Appropriateness –


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After exploring the city and killing my (our) feet we came home to a roast dinner and some home made chocolate cheesecake we made last night. It was lovely. I may fall over after a few more days of this but Melbourne has so many opportunities to explore.


Bird Original SketchLove & Light


– Boldness – Gentleness – Honesty –

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Today my mum made a request, she asked for an image of a “Living flower”. The visual I got for this was a dancer, someone twirling on their toes like a flower on the wind.

I’ve wanted to try to do an image in the stars, something night time- ish and with the blues, so here is a little attempt on that.

Like usual, let me know which one you like better, I am favouring the blue currently.

Living Flower

Living Flower Blue

Love & Light


– Commitment – Action – Prosperity –

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Good Afternoon Internet Wanderlings,

I’ve had to go to a friends to use their net as mine is not playing fair. I’m doing a major overhaul of all of my possessions before i move and will probably be doing it for the next few days – funny the things you accumulate over time. I have things from back in High school i’m sure it would be a good idea to get rid of now. The party last night was great, there was a massive amount of beautifully home cooked food. It was a really nice night. Anyway, here are the picture and original for today. Have a great rest of your weekend.

Face 2

Face 2 Original SketchLove & Light


– Prosperity -Authenticity – Perseverance –

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Good Afternoon,

I have completed my image a little early today as I will be heading out to a Christmas Party tonight.


Otter Original Sketch

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend.

Love & Light


– Sensitivity – Care – Integrity –

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Good Evening,

Gah, I’m late again… I don’t want to make this a habit. I’m getting very engrossed in the drawings, was giving myself an hour and it kind of stretched tonight. I think I’m starting to really explore ideas more, although I might do some smaller ones for a few days. And to top it off the internet is not playing fair and may not let me upload. Got around it by using my mobiles internet. Useful to know.


Geisha Original Sketch

Love & Light,


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Sorry I’m late guys, First time so… yeah, oops. Feeling tired today and not that motivated, I sat staring at the computer for over half an hour and didn’t drawn anything in my sketch book while out this evening because I didn’t have time. So, I went back into the scans I did yesterday and pieced two together, if you haven’t gathered already – I like wings. So here is another wing picture. This guy was a floating torso until I realised it looked weird. I’ve noticed I’m not getting a lot of comments, wouldn’t mind constructive feedback or anything the like… Sleep now. Good night.

Male Winged BackMale Winged Back Original SketchesLove & light,


– Freedom – Confidence – Discipline –

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