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Life has been very busy over the past several months. I started a Post Grad which turned out that I could not do the one I wanted to do, so changed to a similar but very different course. I started working part time for a Marketing, merchandising and uniforms company as well as a Web design and social media company (they work in the same location and I work for both) which turned from Part time to full time. I decided to Postpone the Post Grad until the Government can sort out what they will allocate funds to and won’t, which is where I got stuck this time. Better to wait it out and see what changes in the next year before I make any big plans to shift my life around it again.

I have started to learn the guitar – as most of you will already know – I always enjoy learning new things.

And lastly, I am writing. Maybe not on here so much, but more personally. Which i enjoy.

I am going to plan to do updates more often and start up another challenge of sorts, but we will get there when I have more time on my hands.





Posted May 9, 2012 by Tia in Plan

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