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I went to a small seminar recently, actually run by one of my current employers in regards to having an online presence that is aligned with your (or a businesses) view of what they want to represent to the world. I have had a few days sick due to a sinus infection that makes my face ache like my teeth would like to protrude from my lower lip and my brow would like to go Neanderthal on my butt. Basically, aching pain. Something I am glad to say I’m not that familiar with but it has incapacitated me somewhat.

So instead of sitting in a heap and having a big misery about it I decided to use my time wisely. Sleep, a lot. Kind of needed it, but other than that I read books that I have been meaning to, thought about what I wanted out of life. Revisited my bucket list, looked at how I express myself and what I want to say. Revisited my website and realised I had outgrown it and decided it needed a redesign.

Previous Design

New Design


That consisted of my staring at the screen until my eyes would focus and just taking what it was – in. Really seeing it. And then deciding it wasn’t me at all, and how … quaint? it was. How sweet, how simplistic but cluttered. I have changed, grown quite a bit. Identified parts of myself that I would like to develop further and areas I would like grow and redefine. But through self-analysis I can identify where I need to improve.

So with this lovingly long explination, please go and visit my new and improved, very recently updated website. If you have suggestions please throw them my way and If you find any areas that need improvemenet I will be happy for the help.

I may now crawl under my blankets and nap for a short time, I will be over this ailment shortly and be back to my sprightly step but until then. Sleep.


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Life has been very busy over the past several months. I started a Post Grad which turned out that I could not do the one I wanted to do, so changed to a similar but very different course. I started working part time for a Marketing, merchandising and uniforms company as well as a Web design and social media company (they work in the same location and I work for both) which turned from Part time to full time. I decided to Postpone the Post Grad until the Government can sort out what they will allocate funds to and won’t, which is where I got stuck this time. Better to wait it out and see what changes in the next year before I make any big plans to shift my life around it again.

I have started to learn the guitar – as most of you will already know – I always enjoy learning new things.

And lastly, I am writing. Maybe not on here so much, but more personally. Which i enjoy.

I am going to plan to do updates more often and start up another challenge of sorts, but we will get there when I have more time on my hands.




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