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Good Evening,

I decided to stay with family for a little while during the holiday period, which has extended, not exactly the best idea to coincide with the drawing challenges but I did choose to do this at a very busy time of year. The present’s I got were my usual bits, arty stuff, paper/books, a new camera case and a couple of movies. Pretty good I must admit. Today i almost considered going into paint just to add something to my image… decided against it.

This picture needs a bit of an explanation. My friend (those on Facebook will know who) requested I draw her a furry, well this is as far as I could take it. It’s a bunny (playboy bunny? Don’t judge me lol) if nothing else, and I must admit it disturbed me lol. So for You. Merry Christmas and be careful what you wish for?

Love & Light



EDIT: After re-looking at this post I have decided to remove the image because I didn’t like it.


Posted December 27, 2011 by Tia in Drawing Challenge, Requests, Sketch

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