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After a slight disaster of finding my freezer not working this morning I steadily cooked through the thawed food things – all day. I had a slow cooker on with all the beef, baked the fish and chicken kiev’s which became lunch, made a raspberry colie out of the once frozen raspberries and created a chocolate cake to go with it, because you can’t just have raspberry colie. Everything’s defrosted and I popped all the meat over to the fridge which my housemates have now disposed of or used.

It’s really quite sad losing something I have had for so long, and it’s a twin. Anyhow, today’s pic was playing with textures and tones. I started one thing but scraped it soon after, which I haven’t gotten so far into something and decided against it before, interesting to say the least. Let me know your opinions, comments are welcomed. Any suggestions are welcome too. Have a good night.


Love & Light


-Fulfilment – Courage – Harmony – Surrender –


Posted December 12, 2011 by Tia in Drawing Challenge, Photoshop

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