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I was feeling completely uninspired today, so I went and sat in my park for an hour. This particular park has a small population of rabbits that come out just before sun set and seem to stay out all night. You can creep right up to them before they scurry away into the foliage. But today it was the trees that I felt inspired by. The thing about trees is – they seem permanent. Ever changing but a solid force that springs from the ground and grows, shedding branches and leaves as the seasons change and shade the plants that show underneath, around, and on it. They catch things in them, a home to many creatures and are beautiful. In Phenomenon (1996) film with John Travolta he has this lovely scene where he sways with the trees, moves with them in a calm serene state while the rest of the world buzzes past, this occurs just after his mind has sped up to a point of not being able to function. So here’s my drawing for the day.

TreeTree Original Sketch

Love & Light,


– Simplicity – Efficiency – Tenderness –


Posted December 2, 2011 by Tia in Drawing Challenge, Photoshop

2 responses to “Drawing Challenge Day 2

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  1. Tia, darling, these drawings are amazing, I am slowly going through all your posts 🙂
    I dont know if it is just me, but this tree reminds me of the movie ‘Matilda’, but sort of a storyboard sort of way… just that the items in the tree all kinda correspond with different sections of the movie (for me anyway).
    That said, I love it!!!!!!


  2. It was fairly unintentional but that is where the idea for the ribbon came from. So you may be very right.

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